Apple Card and Apple Pay

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  • In 2019, Apple Card, a partnership with Goldman Sachs, was accused of discriminating against women, with customers complaining on Twitter that women were granted lower credit limits than men, including married couples with only joint bank accounts.[1]
  • A NY Department of Financial Services investigation concluded in March 2021 and found that Apple Card did not intentionally discriminate against women.
  • While Apple Pay, according to the Financial Times, has “attracted little attention” from US antitrust regulators, it has faced antitrust probes across the globe.[2]
  • According to the Financial Times, Apple Pay’s wallet comes pre-installed and cannot be deleted and “apple goes to great lengths to encourage its use.”
  • Apple Pay has faced antitrust probes by regulators the EU and the Netherlands.
  • The EU and Dutch investigations are probing whether Apple essentially requires merchant apps and websites running on Apple devices to use Apple Pay.
  • For example, on Apple. Devices, Apple Pay is the only mobile payment solution that can use NFC technology that allows for contactless payments in stores.