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  • In 2019, Apple Disclosed It Was A Member Of The Download Fairness Coalition, Which Apple Defined As A "Trade Association," But The Organization Was Previously Housed In The Lobbying Firm Signal Consulting's Office.[1]
  • The Download Fairness Coalition's Website is defunct as of April 2021; however archived website records listed Apple, Amazon, and prominent trade association TechNet were members in 2019.
    • Amazon did disclose supporting the Download Fairness Coalition on its 2019 US Political Contribution and Engagement Statement.
  • The group sought a national framework that would effectively override a patchwork of state laws on digital taxation.
  • The Coalition disclosed it spent $3,240,000 in federal lobbying between 2011 – 2020.[2]
  • Lobbying disclosure records show that the Coalition paid Elevate Government Affairs to lobby on digital taxation issues in 2020.[3]
  • The group also paid Signal Consulting $80,000 to lobby on The Digital Goods And Services Tax Fairness Act (HR 1725, S. 765) in 2019. Website archive records and federal lobbying disclosures show that both Signal Consulting and the Coalition resided at 455 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Floor 12, Washington, DC address in 2019.[4]
    • It is unclear if Download Fairness still exists through online research or where it currently resides. Interested parties should request the organization's 2019 – 2020 990 tax forms from the IRS to determine its current state.