ACT - The App Association

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  • Apple Funded ACT Pushed Apple's Agenda, Causing An Alternative App Developer Association To Be Created Specifically To Avoid The Conflict Of Interest
    • Apple funded the ACT- The App Association.[1]
    • ACT attacked the Supreme Court's decision on Apple versus Pepper, taking Apple's side in the case.
      • ACT took Apple's side in the Supreme Court decision Apple versus Pepper, arguing the decision "robbed developers of their autonomy and independence by categorizing them as mere suppliers or manufacturers to platforms."[2]
      • In reality, the decision allowed consumers to sue Apple for monopolistic behavior in the Apple app store.
  • ACT's funding from Apple caused an alternative trade organization to be created independent from the big tech funders and the conflict of interest.
    • ACT member Southern DNA provided no portfolio of work on its website and primarily used its social media to promote ACT's lobbying efforts.[3]