Big Tech Lying to Congress

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  • Big Tech
    • 2018: Senate Intelligence Committee Report Concluded That Social Media Companies Including Facebook, Twitter & Google “Misrepresented Or Evaded” In Statements To Congress About Russian Influence.[1]
  • Facebook
    • 2021: Facebook Exec Claimed No Internal Concealment Of Docs – Later Reporting Showed Facebook Locking Down Internal Message Boards.[2]
    • 2021: Blumenthal: Facebook Provided “Clearly Evasive And Misleading Answers” On Teen Mental Health And Platform Addiction.
    • 2019: Facebook Forced To Clarify Remarks Zuckerberg Made During Congressional Testimony That Falsely Suggested Company Conducted Fact Checks On Political Ads.[3]
    • 2018: Zuckerberg Misled Congress On Users’ “Complete Control” Of Data –Facebook Established Partnerships That Gave Third Parties “Deep Access” To Users’ And Their Friends’ Data.[4]
  • Amazon
    • 2019-2021: Amazon Testified To Congress That Company Did Not Use Seller Data To Compete With Its Own Brand – 2021 Investigations Found Amazon Systemically Used Seller Data To Boost Its Own Products.[5]
  • Google
    • 2021: Google May Have Attempted To Interfere In Congressional Testimony Of Partner Company Match Group.[6]
    • 2012: Google Testified To Congress That Data Collection Via Street View Project Was Unintentional – FCC Report On Issue Found It Was A Deliberate Act.[7]