Chamber of Progress

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  • Chamber of Progress was formed in 2021 by Google’s former top lobbyist, with backing from Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. The group was formed to back key pieces of the progressive agenda, as a way to get back in lawmakers’ good graces and help fend off tech regulation.[1][2]
  • Chamber of Progress was called out by both sides of the aisle for being a “transparent ploy” to bamboozle lawmakers and camouflage Big Tech’s true intentions.
  • Chamber of Progress defended the App Store system and said any proposed changes would worsen the customer experience.
  • Chamber of Progress opposed antitrust reform bills in Congress, with the organization drafting a letter signed by 13 different organizations opposing the bills. Chamber of Progress’ talking points against the bills were called out as scare tactics, and given false ratings from an independent fact checker.[3]