Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA)

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  • The Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) is comprised of, and funded by, Big Tech companies including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google.
  • It also counts Google’s VP of Public Affairs and Amazon’s Director of Public Policy as members of its board.
  • CCIA spent $285K lobbying in 2021.[1]
  • In 2022, CCIA launched the Don’t Break What Works campaign to target anti-tech efforts including the bipartisan Klobuchar-Grassley bill. The ads argued that the antitrust bills targeting Big Tech would “break your phone’s security” or make things like free Google searches things of the past.[2]
  • In 2021, CCIA partnered with Google to launch report blaming Microsoft for stifling competition with its 85% market share for Microsoft Office products.[3]
  • CCIA’s Policy Counsel is Amazon’s former Policy Counsel.
  • From 1998 to 2021, CCIA spent $8,768,705 in federal lobbying expenditures.