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  • Facebook And Google Were Members Of The Developers Alliance, Which Claimed To Represent Some 70,000 App Developers.[1]
    • Developers Alliance spent $1,018,100 on federal lobbying between 2013 – 2020. $125,000 of that spending came in 2019 – 2020.
  • Developers Alliance argued that traditional market risks were irrelevant in digital platform competition and that consumers benefit from a "functioning market" in which Apps were channeled into limited, controlled platforms.
  • Developers Alliance argued that most developers were satisfied with the existing platform options.
  • Developers Alliance opposed 2021 legislation in Arizona (House Bill 2005) and Rhode Island (House Bill 6055).
    • Arizona's House Bill 2005 offered app developers the option to use alternative payment methods to circumvent the 15 – 30% cut Apple and Google 15 – 30% take from App Sales on their platforms.[2]
    • Rhode Island's 6055 bill banned app distribution platforms from requiring developers to use their platform exclusively to list their apps and allowed app developers the option to use alternative payment methods.[3]