Google and Koch Connections

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  • Google and Koch entities, mainly the Charles Koch Foundation, fund many of the same institutions.
    • In 2020, Google listed itself as being a member of 28 different policy organizations that have also received Koch funding.
    • Many of these mutually funded institutions, including the Buckeye Institute, the Federalist Society, and Taxpayers Protection Alliance, have taken far-right stances.
    • Google has also previously listed itself as a member of 13 different policy organizations that have received Koch funding.[1]
    • Google has provided funding for eight different universities that are also funded by the Kochs, including George Mason University and Utah State, where the Kochs established anti-regulation programs with large contributions.
  • Google and Koch Industries fund the same politicians and political organizations.
    • In 2021, Google and KochPAC have both given to the NRCC, NRSC, the Leadership PACs of three GOP senators, the campaign committees of five GOP senators, and the campaign committees of 18 representatives (17 Republicans and one Democrat).[2][3]
    • Google and Koch Industries are both members of the Republican Attorneys General Association and the Republican Governors Association, which accept political contributions in exchange for access to elected officials at events.