Information Technology And Innovation Foundation (ITIF)

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  • ITIF is a Big Tech funded think tank that often reflects the industry’s viewpoints. Its website says it received funding in excess of $5,000 in the most recent fiscal year from Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook.[1]
  • ITIF opposed Lina Khan’s confirmation to be FTC chair and Jonathan Kanter’s confirmation to lead DOJ’s antitrust division.[2]
  • ITIF opposed the bipartisan Senate bill cracking down on self-preferencing and issued a report saying the practice was actually good for competition and consumers.[3]
  • ITIF opposed President Biden’s executive order on competition because it said competition in the US tech industry was already robust.[4]
  • ITIF opposed lawmaker efforts to target the app store practices of Big Tech, said something that wasn’t broke didn’t need fixing.
  • ITIF opposed changes to section 230, said the algorithms used by Big Tech should not be blamed for the spreading of harmful content.[5]
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