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  • NetChoice Attacked Lawsuits That Directly And Indirectly Threatened Organization Member Google
    • NetChoice aggressively defended Apple's app store business model, a business model that mirrored organization member Google's app store.
      • Google is a member of NetChoice.[1]
      • NetChoice aggressively defended Apple's app store business model. NetChoice Vice President described the Apple App store as "an innovative ecosystem that helped create the hyper-competitive app economy." NetChoice Vice President: "Apple's defense illustrates a commitment to an ecosystem that fosters competition, user ease, and up-and-coming developers." A study found Apple's app store was functionally the same as Google's app store business model.[2]
      • NetChoice aggressively and repeatedly opposed lawsuits against Google.
    • NetChoice spent approximately $1.5 million on Facebook ads targeting tech-related antitrust legislation between January and March of 2022.[3]